Where to source raw meat, why grass fed, quality over quantity.

Steak Tartare

This may not be for you…if it is, excellent, let me share what I’ve learned about sourcing raw meat. As most of you know, I’m a raw omnivore.  This means I eat all types of foods in their raw, unheated, unadultured state.  Yes, if you can believe it, this includes raw meat.. When food, especially [...]


I finally learned how to poop!

the art of pooping

I finally learned about how to poop. I have tried every kind of food and diet to help with my constipation through out the years.  I’ve eaten raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, smoothies, raw vegan, raw paleo,  done juice cleanses, enemas, and colonics. But today I figured it out… I was nicknamed buzz bee by my [...]


My Ex told me I smelled fermented?? 21 day water challenge ahead!

21 day water challenge

Yesterday I saw my ex at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  Dangerously, he gave me an up close and personal hug.  He proceeds to say I smell good, like he was surprised.  I quickly said   “What I usually don’t?” He told me I usually smell fermented and I freaked out a little asking him what [...]


Pressed Oils heated over 96 degrees harden in your body!

Olea olive Oil

One of my passions in life is to source high quality foods that cleanse, heal, build, and nourish our bodies! This means driving to farms, asking questions, carefully reading labels, and observing the results in my own body. Results mean more to me than science.    I love my raw animal fats for cleansing but [...]


I haven’t worn deodorant in 15 years!

deodorant is toxic

I swear I’m not a hippy! haha 15 years ago it made no sense to me to shave my armpits and then rub a thick white paste over the freshly shaved, sensitive, and opened skin, and it still doesn’t. Skin is one of our major detox organs.  It needs to breathe so it can do [...]


Raw kefir Vs. Pasteurized kefir

Pasteurized vs. raw kefir

When I drink raw live homemade kefir I feel the vitamin B “buzz”.  The vitamin B is made by bacteria and gives the body energy.   Raw Kefir with its delicious tangy taste and fizzy bubbles contains live probiotics, B vitamins, enzymes, and vitamin k2 (which directs calcium to the bones). Kefir makes me feel [...]


DIY Simple Ceviche

DIY Ceviche

This is a delicious and easy raw primal recipe you can “do it yourself” at home. Making it yourself at home is a plus because you know exactly where the ingredients are sourced from and you save money. This is a traditional ceviche that is “cold cooked” in lemon.  When you cold cook your fish [...]


Cucumber Coconut Cream Face Mask

Cucumber Coconut Cream Face Mask

I’m extremely blessed to be living in Venice Beach, California for the past 4 1/2 years.   I have access to some of the highest quality and nourishing local foods.  One of my favorite local spots is  Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop an organic coconut cream based ice cream shop.   The owner Kippy is a [...]


Got Real Raw Milk? -Love at first sip!

Got Raw Milk?

Love at first sip…   The very first time I drank fresh raw milk was at a goat farm in southern California. When there is a will, there is a way! My mom and I were on the hunt for the delicious white gold.  We were asking workers at quaint local stores by my moms [...]


Video on How To Open a Coconut!

How to open a coconut

I made a dvd awhile back on How To Make Coconut Cream and I found a little footage from it that may be useful.  This video shows you how to open a mature mexican coconut and shuck out the meat.  VIDEO Step 1.  Look for cracks or mold on the outside of your coconut. Step [...]


Simple Raw Meat Dinner!

Raw Round Steak

I was at a friends house in sunny California editing my book on Sunday Night and we shared a delicious raw dinner! My friend said how about some raw meat and you know my response was “heck yeah”! He taught me a simple new trick as he pulled out the scissors and just started cutting [...]


Why do I eat raw meat?

Raw Meat

It’s been a long busy day and I thought to myself, I’ll come home, eat, and take a nap.  Well, that changed quickly after I decided to make my favorite raw bison dish.  Now I’m full of energy and feeling strong.  I eat raw meat simply because it makes me feel really great, strong, and [...]